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Frequent asked questions

» What is the delivery time of my phone case?

The estimated delivery time is depending on the crowds, 7-10 working days in the Netherlands (Excluding weekends and holidays) after receiving payment. The shipping time is additional.

» How can I pay?

You can pay at in the following ways:
- iDeal
- Bank transfer
- PayPal*
- Creditcard*

* By PayPal and Credit Card transaction there are extra costs that we have imposed on them. We earn nothing.

» Ik wil graag mijn (bedrijfs) logo op mijn hoesje
» Is my phone case shockproof?

Yes, there use is made of a hard and flexible plastic material which has the property that it is very firm. This makes your phone protected.
The covers are designed so that when the phone falls, the case always absorbs the blow. It is not possible that the phone first touches the ground. (On a flat surface)

» What kind of 3D printer the phone cases are made with?

We use professional 3D printers. This professional printers print in very good quality hard and flexible plastic material which has the property that it is very firm.
Our printers are not comparable with so-called 'home / hobby printers' whose quality is much less well.

» How will my case packaged and shipped?

Your case will be carefully packed in a sturdy 'mailbox-box'.
The advantage is that the regular mailman case you can do through the letterbox.
You do not stay at home for your case or pick it up at the neighbors.

» I can't see my case (anymore) in the design module

* Zoom / Scroll your mouse, sometimes you stand too far out so that the case is no longer visible
* Some older PCs sometimes have difficulty loading the 3D image, there remains nothing but to wait (you see around a star)

Imac / MacBook / Apple pc:
* Use a browser other than Safari, for example firefox or chrome!

Would you use Safari on MacBook then must be enabled WebGL. This goes through the following steps:
1. Go in the menu to Preferences
2. Flag: Show develop menu in menu bar
3. Go in the menu to: Develop
4. Activate: Enable WebGL

» I see a white square instead of the case

There will be a white square (with text) instead of the 3D image as your browser does not 3D image / WebGL support.
This happens mainly when you visit the site with an iPad or iPhone and iPad or iPhone does not have iOS 8.
First check your iOS 8 can install on your device!

By clicking on the white square you can download an app that allows you to see the 3D image.
The 3D image is then opened in the app. The pouch can adjust on the website itself.

The app back to the website works as follows:
* Apple; 2x pressing the 'home' button and then select the website
* Android; on the 'back' (arrow) button

» Does it cost to download the app?

No, it is a free download.

» Why is my phone not listed?

We are constantly working to add phones to our range.
 Is your phone is not listed, please email us and with enough requests, we will also add your phone.