The bumper is closely linked to your phone and is naturally slightly larger and thicker, so your phone is well protected. Of course you can continue use the buttons on the side.


The background pattern is the basis of your case, but maybe it is just that your eye-catcher. Choose yourself.


What do you want? What are you? Choose the picture that tells your story. Or not, and let the background are your designs.


Uiteraard houden we rekening met de camera op jouw toestel. Deze kun je gebruiken zoals je altijd al deed. Met of zonder flits.

Text on te side.

Your name on your phone? Or the name of your favorite club? Everything is possible!

Unique colors.

Check directly or design the finest suits in red, or even yellow?

What is 3D printing?.

3D printing is a production method that build a product layer by layer. So it is possible to make every shape. We use professional 3D printers. This professional printers print in very good quality hard and flexible plastic material which has the property that it is very sturdy and flexible. Our printers are not comparable with so-called 'home / hobby printers' whose quality is much less well.